Modern Simple Magnetic Mini Table Lamp

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Introducing the Modern Simple Magnetic Mini Table Lamp, a revolutionary blend of innovation and style that redefines the concept of modern lighting. Designed as an elegant cylindrical shape, this lamp illuminates your space with a hypnotic beam of light, creating a captivating ambience that dazzles the senses.

The Modern Simple Magnetic Mini Table Lamp features a unique, bendable lighting string, ingeniously attached to the cylinder top with magnets. When tilted, the cord moves gracefully inside the cylinder, freely adjusting its position until it reconnects with the magnetic top, ensuring seamless operation with no tangled cords or limitations.

✔️ WIRELESS & USB RECHARGEABLE - Enjoy up to 22 hours of hypnotic light with this elegant, cordless, rechargeable lamp. Place it wherever you like for an enchanting glow.
✔️ FOLDABLE LIGHT CHAIN - Opt for a stable, magnetically-secured light beam, or let it move freely inside the lamp for dynamic illumination.
✔️ SENSITIVE TOUCH - Choose from three unique lighting modes: soft glow, bright light and Pulsating Breath mode. In Souffle mode, the lamp gently alternates between soft and bright settings, mimicking the rhythm of breathing for a hypnotic ambience.

Discover ultimate control with the touch button, allowing you to easily adjust brightness to two dimmable levels and activate Breathing mode where brightness switches between the two brightness levels as it breathes. This ensures perfect lighting for any occasion, whether you're looking for a soft, intimate glow or vibrant illumination, the LightRay™ Illuminator adapts to your preferences with ease.

Enjoy the freedom to place your wireless lamp wherever you like, thanks to the rechargeable design of the LightRay™ Illuminator. With its long-lasting battery and convenient USB charging, this lamp offers unrivalled flexibility, allowing you to create captivating illuminated displays wherever you like.


Voltage: 110V-120V
Color: Grey, White, Yellow, Red, Green
Size: D7cm*H14.5cm
Material: ABS+Acrylic
Plug Options: USB
Mounting: Table
Light Source: LED
Certification: CE, UL


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