Luminara™ | LED Table Lamp

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A unique table lamp inspired by the enchanting Amanita mushroom. The Manita lamp has an elegant and robust design with a shiny stem that resembles the real Amanita mushroom. The lampshade, which is modeled on the mushroom's hat, emits a warm and pleasant light that creates a beautiful atmosphere in any room.

Whether you need a light source for your desk, bedroom or living room, the Amanita lamp is the perfect choice to add a little whimsy and charm to your interior. The lamp is available both wired and wireless, giving you the flexibility to use it where you need it most.


  • Dome made of aluminum
  • Metal-coated base
  • Acrylic glass with polka dots

      Melita Lamp


      Large (wired): 30 cm height x 20 cm diameter

      Small (wireless): 20 cm height x 15 cm diameter

      Light: Dimmable, 2700K warm white LED light

      Power supply: Wireless or wired available. Wireless USB-C charging. Worldwide universal adapter with cable included, 100-240 V.

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