Japanese Style Ceiling Lamp

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Illuminate your room with elegance

Enhance your living space with the Log Japanese Pendant Lamp - a perfect blend of sophistication and functionality. Designed to enhance the ambience of your home, this exquisite ceiling light offers a seamless fusion of Japanese aesthetics and modern lighting technology.

Immerse yourself in the warm glow of LED light with the Log Japanese Pendant Lamp. Its stylish design not only adds a touch of Japanese charm, but also provides customizable lighting to suit your mood and needs.


  • Customizable lighting: Enjoy three color options, including white light, warm light and neutral light, which can be adjusted to suit your preferences and different occasions.
  • Effortless color switching: A normal switch effortlessly toggles between colors for a hassle-free and enjoyable experience.
  • LED technology: Rely on energy-efficient lighting that not only illuminates your room, but also contributes to a sustainable lifestyle.
  • Japanese aesthetics: Add the timeless elegance of Japanese design to your home and give your interior a unique touch.
  • Versatile placement: Ideal for various spaces, including entrances, hallways, balconies, bedrooms and more.

 Product Features:

  1. Three Color Options: White light (6000K), warm light (3000K), neutral light (4000K)
  2. Effortless Switching: Change colors with a regular switch, providing easy control at your fingertips.
  3. LED Technology: Energy-efficient lighting that brightens your space while being environmentally conscious.
  4. Japanese Aesthetics: Timeless design inspired by Japanese craftsmanship and elegance.
  5. Versatile Placement: Suitable for a variety of spaces, including entrances, corridors, balconies, and bedrooms.

Elevate your home's atmosphere with the Log Japanese Pendant Lamp. Embrace the perfect blend of style and functionality by making it yours today!

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