2+2 Free | Solar-powered Garden Lamp

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Illuminate your garden or driveway without cables!

Do you find your garden or patio a little too dark and could you do with some additional atmospheric lighting? Don't feel like rebuilding your garden and installing power connections? With our LED solar garden path lights, which run entirely on solar energy, this is now a thing of the past! Create a fantastic atmosphere with these high-quality LED Solar Garden Path Lights.

This product is unique:

✅ Switches on/off automatically: As soon as it gets dark, the lights switch on automatically.
✅ No wiring required: No more power cables!
✅ Environmentally friendly: The garden path light charges automatically using sunlight/solar energy!
✅ Atmospheric lighting: Thanks to the modern white colors, your garden will be even more atmospheric!
✅ Intrusion prevention: deters unwanted visitors.
✅ Sticking aid: The sticking aid holds the lamp in place without it being visible. For a particularly modern look!

As the LED solar garden path light is solar-powered, you don't have to run cables through your garden and can simply move it to the desired location at any time. Thanks to the small solar cells, the garden path lights charge themselves. This means no additional costs for batteries or electricity. You are also doing something good for the environment!

These LED solar garden path lights are equipped with a solar panel that allows them to charge their battery (600mAh Li-Ion battery) in about 6-8 hours during the day and then provide up to 12 hours of light per day once dusk sets in. They switch on and off automatically, so they work wherever the sun shines! They are 100% waterproof (IP65) which means you can leave them outside all summer long, even if it rains!

What does the LED Solar Garden Path Light package consist of?

  • 4x solar LED garden path lights (2+2 free)
  • Dimensions: 43 x 6.1 cm
  • Burns up to 12 hours a day
  • IP65 waterproof
  • Free shipping included
  • On/off switch
  • User manual

    Useful tips

    - First charge the LED solar garden path light in full sun for 2 days. Preferably 5 full hours.

    - Make sure that the switch is switched on so that the battery can charge.

    - Place the garden path light in a place where the sun shines a lot. The more sun, the brighter the lamp. The lamp also works well in low sunlight, so it is also suitable for fall/winter.

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